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Snow Shield Ice Melt, Pink (50 Pound Bag)


  • Effective to: -0°F, Safe for Kids, Pets and Our Earth
  • 3 Modes of Action: Snow Shield PINK enviro melt is a proprietary formulation consisting of magnesium chloride, agricultural-based corrosion inhibitors, and sodium chloride.
  • Great for use as sidewalk salt as well and driveway salt.
  • Less Harsh: Earth-friendly ice melter formula using anti-icing chemicals CMA, designed to help create an Earth, kid, and pet-friendly ice melt product. Don’t sacrifice quality when thinking about safety.
  • See where you are applying: Knowing where you have applied your ice melt is critical to maximizing effectiveness. Our pink color stands out in contrast to snow so you know you’re hitting every spot.
  • Keep your home a property safe: Greatly reduces corrosion of metals, concrete, and landscaping common when using straight rock salt or calcium chloride ice melt.
  • Fast-acting: use a sidewalk salt for ice that goes to work immediately upon contact. Pre-treating surfaces will also prevent ice and snow from accumulating.


Minimum Quantity of (3) bags required. You can mix & match salt bag varieties.