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Advice & FAQs

How much mulch will I need for my project?

One yard of mulch will cover approximately 100sq feet at 2-3 inches deep. Multiply the length times the width of each of your beds. Then add all your totals up and divide by 100 and that is the number of yards you will use.

What is your refund policy?

There will be no refunds for any reason. All merchandise sold by The Mulch Connection is sold as is.

What is the expected time for my order to be delivered?

We typically deliver your order to you in 1-3 business days. During the spring we ask that you plan for 3-5 business days if you need before a specific day as we do get busy. We do not deliver on weekends.

What is the dye made of in your dyed products?

The dye is a water-based dye and is safe for humans, animals and plants. It is suggested that any dyed products not be spread before it rains.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard,and Discover are accepted, as well as debit cards which bear the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Can I ship my order to a different address?

YES! When you place your order and come to the checkout screen, just replace your address with the address with the one where you want to ship your merchandise, then continue. Remember to use a street address, not a post office box, for any shipping address.

How are delivery charges calculated?

Delivery charges vary according to destination. See delivery areas and pricing.

What is the maximum amount of mulch I can order without incurring an additional delivery fee?

The delivery fee will be charged per 15 cubic yards for mulch.

What is the maximum amount of soil I can order without incurring an additional delivery fee?

The delivery fee will be charged per 6 cubic yards for top soil.

What is the maximum number of different products I can order without incurring an additional delivery fee?

When ordering two different materials in one delivery, you cannot exceed 6 yards of one color mulch combined with 3 tons of stone.

Do you have any tips for ordering topsoil?

Topsoil weighs about 2,000 lbs per cubic yard. One cubic yard equals about 40 bags of soil found in a garden center or 5-6 wheelbarrows. If you purchase topsoil but don’t immediately spread it, cover it so it doesn’t get wet, which will make it clumpy and difficult to work with.

Do you have any tips for ordering firewood?

Our firewood is approximate 18″ in length. Beware if you have a wood stove that only will fit smaller pieces.

If you store your wood outdoors, it’s best to keep it covered. Split wood will absorb rain or snow, making it difficult to light.

It’s best not to store your firewood too close to your house, as the wood over time can become a sanctuary for insects.

What is the minimum amount of mulch or topsoil I can order?

Three cubic yards.